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'Ghulam Hassan Baid Allah Contracting Company' is a leading company in the field of construction, contracting, and maintenance, with its headquarters in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The company was established on May 28, 1431 AH and has achieved numerous remarkable successes in the construction industry, as well as in management and support services, transportation, and storage sectors. Thanks to these accomplishments, Ghulam Hassan Baid Allah Contracting Company ranks among the top companies in its field.

project : Alsafa Tower


Alsafa Tower

Total areas : 55,000 Square meters

floors number : 22 floor

location : Southern Al-Azizia

Ghulam Hassan Baid Allah General Contracting Company takes pride in providing distinguished construction and building services, with one of its notable projects being the 'Safa Tower' located in Southern Al-Azizia. The project comprises 22 floors, with a total area of 55,000 square meters. The company's construction and building services are characterized by quality and professionalism, executing the project using the latest technologies and equipment. A highly qualified team manages all aspects of the construction efficiently, reflecting the company's commitment to achieving quality standards and meeting customer expectations at every stage of the project. Safa Tower embodies excellence and innovation in the construction field, reflecting the dedication and commitment that Ghulam Hassan Baid Allah Company exhibits in realizing its leading projects