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Gholam Hassan Baidallah Company

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'Ghulam Hassan Baid Allah Contracting Company' is a leading company in the field of construction, contracting, and maintenance, with its headquarters in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The company was established on May 28, 1431 AH and has achieved numerous remarkable successes in the construction industry, as well as in management and support services, transportation, and storage sectors. Thanks to these accomplishments, Ghulam Hassan Baid Allah Contracting Company ranks among the top companies in its field.

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Company services

We offer an exceptional and unique range of services, thanks to our extensive experience, broad knowledge, and our team of professional engineers in the field of construction, development, and maintenance.

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The company's business

The team at 'Ghulam Hassan Baidallah Contracting Company' always strives to meet their clients' aspirations, executing their projects with the utmost care and excellence.

Abdulrahman Al Saawi Foundation
Abdulrahman Al Saawi Foundation

location Genie's Prison

Number of floors 16 floor

Total areas 27,000 Square meters Read more

Nasser Abdullah Al Khazaai
Nasser Abdullah Al Khazaai

location Mansour Street

Number of floors 26 floor

Total areas 36,000 Square meters Read more

Ghazi Al Thaqafi
Ghazi Al Thaqafi

location The Nazha neighborhood

Number of floors 14 floor

Total areas 6,300 Square meters Read more

غلام حسن

Our goals

Try to be able to trust all celebrities by raising the level of responsibility they give us, and ensuring excellence in the field of finishing and construction, and sustainable development in this field.

The company's leadership in advancing the contracting sector.

Dedication to serving our clients and achieving their satisfaction.

Commitment to quality, time, and agreed-upon budget.

Achieving growth through investing in opportunities and creating integrations.

Working responsibly and credibly to achieve prosperity for our stakeholders.

Building long-term relationships with our clients.

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